Collaborative work on display at City Hall
Woodcarving by Hank Chiappetta, Metal Sculpture by Rick Davis

Art is a part of our society that can sometimes be easily overlooked. Spokane has a lot of artists to be proud of and thankful for as they produce expressions that can really move people of the community. Art comes in many shapes, sizes, and mediums, but it has a much deeper meaning to a lot of people. Hank Chiappetta exclaims, “Art is an investment in the community,” and it has the power to bring people together. Whether it is simply to gaze upon and think about what the inspiration for a piece is or to gather with others for an intellectual conversation, art can be a community catalyst for individual expression.
In this video, Rick Davis and Hank Chiappetta discuss one of their accomplishments with us.



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E Pluribus Unum

Oscar and Maria

Spokanian Saguaro

2010 Art Pieces

Custom Bar

Venus of the Little Spokane

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Electronics by Alan Chatham.
Project managed by Brooke Matson of Spark
Booths fabricated and retrofitted by Rick Davis Sculpture
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Performance: West Central Dial-a-Story

May 23, 2017, 7:00pm - May 23, 2017, 11:00pm

Experience anonymous stories written by West Central residents be performed by actors from the Spokane Civic Theatre. This event kicks off the West Central Dial-A-Story Project, a collaborative community project designed to share real stories about the West Central neighborhood. STARRING ACTORS: Dave Rideout Seneca Smith Tricia Bart Lulu Stafford Sarah Dahmen Blake King-Krueger ABOUT THE PROJECT: At three booths installed throughout West Central (May 2017), community members can simply pick up the phone and dial a single number to listen to a story. This project is a collaboration of Spokane Arts, Laboratory Spokane, Spark Central, and the Spokane Civic Theatre.

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I've seen sheet metal workers with all the modern mechanized equipment who didn't do work this clean ...

The skill involved in this is mind-blowing.

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Clara Woods does great restoration work, and has some really good original work as well ...

Dan Taulbee, artist.

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The Artist

Rick Davis makes metal come to life.

His methods of shaping and coloring scrap metal result in icons of nature and spirit. Rick's childhood experiences working with his auto mechanic dad in their garage in Orange County gave him a lifelong love for making things work.

Inspired by the practical and the spiritual, Rick incorporates his Celtic roots, his yoga practice, and his appreciation for Native American culture into his work. Upon relocating near the Little Spokane river in 2005, the area’s wildlife added yet another creative spark to his work.

Rick has found Spokane to be a great place to raise a family and create his art.

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