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E Pluribus Unum

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Oscar and Maria

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2010 Art Pieces

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Facebook Timeline Photos

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Rick Davis on Facebook

My collection of Finìn Liam Christie's tools
is growing. Only about a month and a half til I get to work in his shop.

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2 months ago

Same goes for art lighting. If there's not good light in a place, I don't want to show my work there. ...

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5 months ago

Rick Davis Sculpture

Matt and I built a custom Ganesha cart that worked super awesome
He is now in the Chase Gallery

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The Artist

Rick Davis makes metal come to life.

His methods of shaping and coloring scrap metal result in icons of nature and spirit. Rick's childhood experiences working with his auto mechanic dad in their garage in Orange County gave him a lifelong love for making things work.

Inspired by the practical and the spiritual, Rick incorporates his Celtic roots, his yoga practice, and his appreciation for Native American culture into his work. Upon relocating near the Little Spokane river in 2005, the area’s wildlife added yet another creative spark to his work.

Rick has found Spokane to be a great place to raise a family and create his art.

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